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Z80 Lasers - Ortur LM2 Upgrade Kit - True 8+ Watt Output - NUBM4F Diode

Z80 Lasers - Ortur LM2 Upgrade Kit - True 8+ Watt Output - NUBM4F Diode

SKU: 44-G8-TTL-LM2

This kit is a direct bolt-on for the Ortur LM2 machines. It is also compatible with minor modifications for many other popular engraving machines. It has the NUBM4F laser diode installed which is the highest output visible light laser diode currently available.  It includes the famous G-8 lens, adjustable Z-Axis bracket, power supply and required wiring and connectors. The attached turbo fan not only keeps the device very cool but also acts as an air assist. 




  • 8+ Watt NUBM4F Laser Diode
  • 5 Amp Buck Driver w/ TTL Input
  • G-8 Lens w/ Easy Adjust Focus Knob
  • Quick Adjust / Disconnect Z-Axis Bracket - Multiple Mounting Holes for Increased Versatility
  • Turbo Fan / Air Assist
  • Mean Well 12 Volt 5 Amp Switching Power Supply
  • Lasorb ESD / Power Surge Protection Device
  • Includes Required Cabling, Adapters & Mounting Hardware
  • Compatible w/ Most M9 x .5 Engraving & Cutting Lenses


Important Notes:


  1. Laser safety goggles (sold separately) MUST be worn at all times while operating or observing the laser device. Never operate the laser while any other unprotected adult, child or pet has access to the area where the laser is being used. Safety First!!!
  2. Ortur controller MUST be powered ON before swithing on the laser module. Failure to do so may cause the laser to fire inadvertently at full power.
  3. Stock power supply is still used to power the Ortur machine. The new power supply is for the laser module only.
  4. Ensure clearance with machine frame before powering on devices. The Z-Axis may need to be raised to clear the frame when homing. Relocating the stop switches may be desired.
  5. Z-Axis rail will attach to stock acrylic mounting plate.
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