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True 8-W+ CNC Laser Engraving Module w/ Driver

True 8-W+ CNC Laser Engraving Module w/ Driver




This listing is for one 8+ Watt laser engraving module for use with CNC or 3D Printing machine. This is NOT A TOY and should be treated with respect. Never aim beam at any living creature, aircraft, another persons property or anything you know you shouldn't! Always ear protective eye-wear. Buyer assumes all responsibility for this device.


Features Include:


  • NEW 8-W+ NUBM4F 450nm Laser Diode (This is the most powerful visible light laser diode currently available. Most other sellers are trying to pass off inferior diodes as 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 Watts, etc. Don't be fooled and do some research!!!) 
  • 70mm X 40mm X 40mm Aluminum Heat Sink w/ Turbo Fan Provides Excellent Heat Dissipation and Air Assist
  • Constant Current Driver w/ TTL Modulation Input - Preset to 5 Amp Output
  • Integrated LASORD ESD Protection
  • On-Board ON/OFF Switch
  • G-8 Lens w/ EZ Focus Adjustment
  • Screw Terminal Block for Easy Connectivity
  • M4 Mounting Holes
  • 12 Volt - 5+ Amp Power Supply Required for Operation (Sold Separately)


Fan Specs:

  • Size:  40x40x28mm
  • Model:  TFB0412EHN
  • Voltage:  12V
  • Current:  0.87A
  • RPM:  15000RPM
  • Noise:  58dBA
  • CFM:  26CFM


Contact me with any questions.


Please Note:

  • Basic electrical knowledge and skills are required for setup and operation of this device. This product may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Reverse polarity, excessive current and high heat will damage or ruin these. 
  • Because the NUBM4F laser diode is a multi-mode diode you will always get a rectangular spot as opposed to a circular dot. This is a characteristic of multi-mode laser diodes. The closer you can get the lens to the work the smaller that rectangle will become and the finer the detail you can achieve. You want to focus it so you have the cleanest and thinnest line possible. Don't try to make it symmetrical or you will produce a larger and less powerful spot. Be aware that the closer you get it to the work the more likely you are to get smoke and/or soot on the lens. A secondary air assist fan will greatly help reduce that risk. If you do get smoke on the lens the spot will start to look blurry. It can be cleaned with a very soft lens cloth and some 91% rubbing alcohol.
  • This is a very powerful device and you must never shine it at another person, animal, aircraft or another persons property. This is NOT a toy! You are solely responsible for it's use. Always wear protective eye-wear that is rated to block the 400-470nm wavelength and NEVER look directly at the beam. You only have one set of eyes!
  • Due to the volatile nature of electronics of this type, returns will only be accepted in original, sealed packaging.

    7W+ CW Optical Output Diode Laser Engraving Module.


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