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SL-SD-7 High-Power Adjustable Current Laser/LED Buck Driver

SL-SD-7 High-Power Adjustable Current Laser/LED Buck Driver




This listing is for One Modified* SL-SD-7 High-Power Adjustable Current Buck Driver.
The SL-SD-7 is an adjustable "buck" type diode driver. The SL-SD-7 driver current can be continuously adjusted by the user within a range of 2.5 to 6.5 amps*. Each driver is tested before shipment. This driver is designed to be powered by two 3.7V (4.2V) volt rechargeable RCR123A, 16340, 18350, 18650, 26650 or similar batteries. Packaged in an anti-static bag. This driver requires suitable heatsinking for continuous operation above 2A.

*Actual exact output may vary. If you need it set to a specific current output then please contact me before purchasing.


Dimensions = 0.413" (10.5mm) Wide x 0.618" (15.7mm) Long
Input Current = 7.5A Max
Input voltage = 7.4V to 11V
Output voltage = 3.9V to 6V
Output Current = 1.8A to 6.5A
Voltage Rise Time = 69µs to 912µs
Current Rise Time = 48µs to 672µs
Voltage Ripple = 0.52Vpp
* Modified Component Configuration - The sense resistors have been layed out parallel to allow better contact with a heatsink on the IC side of the board.
* High Output Driver - Perfect for high power laser diodes like the Z80_8W450B9, NUBM4F, NUBM44, NUBM08 and other similar diodes.
* 22AWG Silicone Wires(~4in.) Provided Upon Request - Please let me know if you would like the wires included and if you would like them attached to the driver or separate. 
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