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NUBM47-A1 Laser Diode Block - 70+ Watts!

NUBM47-A1 Laser Diode Block - 70+ Watts!

SKU: 47Block
This listing is for ONE NUBM47-A1 Laser Diode Block. The diode block contains ten NUBM47-A1 laser diodes that are 7+ Watts each. The glass collimator lens piece and wiring harness are included. To drive the block you will need a constant current power supply capable of 50+ Volts and up to 4.5 Amps. The block must also be adhered to a sizeable heatsink preferably with active cooling for proper heat dissipation to prevent damage to the diode array. The glass collimator piece is only held on with two spots of glue so handle with care. 
You must know what you are doing before hooking these up. Reverse polarity, excessive current and high heat will damage or destroy these. A proper CONSTANT CURRENT power supply is required to drive the diode array. The current should not exceed 4.5 amps!!! Be sure no dust, residue or other material is obstructing the glass collimators. Each diode block is tested for functionality before shipping. 
Always wear protective safety glasses or goggles that block this spectrum and intensity of light... You've only got one set of eyes!!!
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