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NUBM44 Laser Diode - 7 Watt - 450nm - TO-5

NUBM44 Laser Diode - 7 Watt - 450nm - TO-5

This listing is for one new NUBM44 (Latest Version) 450nm, 7 Watt, 9mm Laser Diode. The diodes are meticulously extracted from a new laser diode array. Solder and/or thermal paste residue may be present on the diode body and/or pins.
You must know what you are doing before hooking these up. Reverse polarity, excessive current and high heat will damage or ruin these. A proper CONSTANT CURRENT laser diode driver is required to drive the diode. The current should not exceed 4.5 amps. The diodes must be inserted in to a laser diode module with a sizeable heatsink before energizing to dissipate heat. A glass lens should be used as well. Be sure no dust, residue or other material is obstructing the diode window. Each diode is tested for functionality before shipping. 
Always wear protective safety glasses or goggles that block this spectrum and intensity of light... You've only got one set of eyes!!!

    Most powerful visible light laser diode currently available.

    Extracted from NEW diode block. May contain thermal paste and/or solder residue. Tested for proper functionality.

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