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Laser Safety Goggles EP-1 190nm-540nm & 800nm-2000nm OD4+

Laser Safety Goggles EP-1 190nm-540nm & 800nm-2000nm OD4+


This listing is for ONE set of EP-1 Laser Protection Goggles. These goggles reduce the 190nm-540nm & 800nm-2000nm wavelengths of light that pass through the lenses. NEVER shine a laser directly at yourself!!! Always wear laser protection goggles when operating any laser system. Be sure you choose the goggles that protect from the wavelength of light you are working with. 




EP-1 (190-540&800-2000nm)


-      Designed for Universities, Cosmeticians, Doctors, Industrial, etc.

-      Suitable for 190-540 & 800-2000nm wavelength, see OD vs. Wavelength Curve in photos.

-      Visible Light Transmission (VLT): 30%

-      Have clear view without flickering

-      Made of Hardened Polycarbonate

-      CE Marked, GJB1762-93, EN207/208 and AU/NZ Standards



- lightweight white PC frame, durable and impact resistance

- imported PC lens with harden processing, possess anti-abrasion, anti-blast, anti-alcohol and  high temperature resist (boiling)

- side shields and supra-orbitalbone covering, fully protect eyes from any angles

- three adjustable temple lengths and angles to fit any head shape

- larger lens size provides increased viewing and maximum comfort with heavier filters.


Protective Wavelength: 190-540nm & 800-2000nm 



CE certificated

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    190nm-540nm & 800nm-2000nm OD4+ Protective Goggles

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