Laser Power Meter - Hyperion Argentum Hobbyist LPM - 15W

Laser Power Meter - Hyperion Argentum Hobbyist LPM - 15W


This listing is for One Hyperion Laser Power Meter Kit. You will receive the Meter, Sensor and Power Cable. This contains a newer sensor and some technical data may be updated as it becomes available. The LCD screens come in either White or Green. They will be chosen randomly unless specified during the ordering process and will be subject to availability. A 3D printable case file is available.


Technical specification:

  • Max measurable power:
    • Hyperion Ag: 15W*
  • Resolution: 1 uW**
  • ADC resolution: 22-bit, yielding 1.192 uV/bit with 2500mV Vref
  • ADC vref: 2500 mV.
  • Uncertainty:
    • Laser power 0 mW to 4500 mW (0 mW to 15 W for uncoated sensor): ±5%***
  • Sensor area:

    36 mm² high speed sensor (default)

    100mm² slow sensor.

  • Options for sensor coating:

    HPCVD micro carbon deposition over high temp resistant matte black paint (for detecting low power laser).

    High power + high damage threshold carbon coating at least 480W/cm² (default) , tested by focusing 3.6W multi mode laser into 0.5x1.5mm spot size. Results: no damage, smoke, or trace at all.

    No coating at all, yielding broadband rejector instead of broadband absorber with the highest damage threshold among the three (damage threshold of alumina ceramic Al²O³). Therefore producing higher measurable power albeit at worse resolution (13 uW).

  • Sensor response time 0-90%: ~4-6 sec****
  • Sensor response time 0-100%: ~10-12 sec****
  • Display:
    • Hyperion Ag: High contrast LCD.
    • Hyperion Cu: Standard LCD.
  • Hardware interface:
    • Delta-reading (software zeroing).
    • Peak detector.
    • Brightness.
    • Digital filter.
    • Easy re-calibration (only for HyAg).
  • Vritonuzz data logging software (Ask for Link)
    • Freeware for all, support various protocol.
    • Tools including divergence calculator, relative perceived brightness calculator.
    • Intuitive interface.
    • Configurable x-axis graph with zoomed or scrolling.
    • Auto-scale graph.
    • Various digital filter.
    • Smart averaging.
    • Delta-reading (software zeroing).
    • Peak detector.
    • Configurable logging time.
    • Auto-logging trigger by power.
    • Delayed logging (5 sec).
    • One-click snipping graph.
    • Export data to spreadsheet format (.xls) and already nicely formatted too.
    • Plug n play without unnecessary effort like selecting COM or installing driver.
  • The board can be calibrated to read from Ophir sensor directly, making this board a functional data logger board.
  • Product Info

    15 Watt LPM by Astralist

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