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G-8 Laser Focus Lens w/ Focus Ring - M9x0.5 - Wideband

G-8 Laser Focus Lens w/ Focus Ring - M9x0.5 - Wideband

SKU: Z80-G-8
This listing is for one G-8 Lens w/ Focus Ring. The G-8 is a high pass single lens but it won't increase the beam divergence like the G-2 does. The G-8 has a long focal length just like 3-element lens. It's a well-balanced lens that falls between the 3-element(divergence) and G-2(power).
90% efficiency, long focal length, and tight beam profile
Size: M9*0.5. Fits standard 12mm* modules and more.
Structure: Single Element
Package: 1pcs/package


*Please Note: Only a couple of threads will make contact on standard 12mm x 30mm and other various modules when focusing to the smallest point. I highly suggest using some Teflon thread tape to help tighten the contact between threads.

    Laser collimator. Blend between tight focus and optimal power.

$19.95 Regular Price
$17.76Sale Price
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