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BlackBuck 8M - 8A Buck Laser LED Constant Current Driver

BlackBuck 8M - 8A Buck Laser LED Constant Current Driver


BlackBuck 8M - 8 Amps compact driver for portable and engraving devices.


The high-performance, compact buck LED/laser diode driver with thermal protection (external NTC sensor) . Can be controlled/modulated by an external sources like DAC, PWM or analog modulated signal. It has 5V reference voltage output for connecting an external potentiometer as a modulation source. High-quality onboard multi-turn trimmer helps to the fine-tuning of the output current. The driver can operate with the current up to 3A without an external heat sink, but it requires a heat sink for currents above 3A. It works fine with 2 or 3 cells Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries or 7-12V DC PSU.



Output (drive) current

1000... 8000 mA +/- 5%

Modulation input 

0...5V or 5V TTL/PWM

Conversion efficiency


Modulation rise/fall time


Start-up delay


Sine-wave modulation bandwidth

4 KHz

Overheat protection shutdown t°

50° C 122° F +/- 5%

PCB dimension

16*17*6 mm


  • The item comes with NTC sensor
  • Avoid short circuit and reverse polarity connection, it will damage the driver!
  • The contact pads on the PCB are very small, if you do not have enough skills in soldering, I highly recommend not to buy this driver.  
  • Product Info

    Adjustable up to 8 Amps Laser / LED Driver

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