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2W+ Laser Engraving Module - M140 Diode w/ G-2 Lens - 445nm - EZ Focus

2W+ Laser Engraving Module - M140 Diode w/ G-2 Lens - 445nm - EZ Focus

This listing is for one 2+ Watt laser engraving module for use with a CNC machine. This is NOT A TOY and should be treated with respect. Never aim beam at any living creature, aircraft, another persons property or anything you know you shouldn't! Buyer assumes all responsibility for this device.
Features Include:
  • Brand New 2W+ M140 Japan 445nm Laser Diode
  • 30x30x60mm Aluminum Heat Sink w/ Fan Provides Excellent Heat Dissipation
  • G-2 Lens w/ External Focus
  • M3 Mounting Holes
  • Contact Me With Any Questions
You must know what you are doing before hooking this up. Reverse polarity, excessive current and high heat will damage or ruin these. A proper CONSTANT CURRENT laser diode driver is required to drive the diode. The current should not exceed 1.8 amps.
This is a very powerful device and you must never shine it at another person, animal, aircraft or another persons property. This is NOT a toy! You are solely responsible for it's use.  always wear protective eye wear that is rated to block the 445nm wavelength and NEVER look directly at the beam. You only have one set of eyes!
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    2W Laser Engraving Module - 445nm

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